Fine Line Tattooing

Fine line tattooing is a style that uses very thin, precise lines to create detailed and intricate designs. Unlike traditional tattoos that use thicker lines and bold colors, fine line tattoos focus on subtlety and elegance. This technique allows for delicate images like flowers, portraits, and geometric patterns to be rendered with high detail and minimal shading. It's perfect for clients who prefer a minimalist look or want a tattoo that's more subtle and refined.


ALL BODY TATTOO INQUIRES can be directed via email or text including:

  • Your full name and email address
  • The inspiration picture, along with any edits 
  • If it is a text, include the style of font using
  • How big, in cm or inches 
  • Where you would like it placed on the body. or text 9175442719

*No finger tattoos, no back of the body pieces*